Exploring Human Potential

Aerobiology: The Air Is Alive – And Not In A Good Way!

Mike Magee When Paul Crutzen and his band of happy meteorologic warriors launched the Anthropocene Epoch in 2000, their guiding star was to create a “safe operating space” for humans on the planet Earth. In service of this goal, they identified nine “planetary boundaries” (measures of planetary health) as planning guideposts. Number one, familiar to […]

The Planetary Playing Field For Humanity: Surviving Tomorrow’s “Hongerwinter”.

Mike Magee When it comes to our earthly survival as a human species, words are often under-powered and off-the-mark. Clearer concepts, definitions and terms are required for clarity. Here are five terms that are useful and worth remembering: Planetary Boundaries Earth Systems Human Perturbations Planetary Scale Destabilization Holocene Epoch vs. Anthropocene Epoch  These terms all […]

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