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The AI Enhanced Personal Health Record – The Key That Unlocks The Door To Universal Health Care.

Mike Magee In a system that controls 1/5 of the U.S. GDP; one that in 2017 employed 16 non-clinical workers for every physician; and one that under-performs at every turn (most notably for women and children, the poor, and people of color); one would be hard pressed to identify a better target for AI-driven national […]

In 2013, Expect Hyper-Acceleration in Health Technology.

Mike Magee We’ve been tracking mega-trends in health care for some time now.(1) ¬†And as I’ve said before, while it is easy to predict where these trends will lead, it is more difficult to pinpoint the moment those changes will actualize. Whether it is aging demographics, consumer empowerment, or health technology, all signs point to […]

Poll: Will EHR Regional Extension Centers Deliver On their Mission?

To participate in this poll, sponsored by Software Advice, a wbsite that reviews EHR software, click HERE To read Software Advice’s own opinion, click HERE..

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