Exploring Human Potential

The Planetary Playing Field For Humanity: Surviving Tomorrow’s “Hongerwinter”.

Mike Magee When it comes to our earthly survival as a human species, words are often under-powered and off-the-mark. Clearer concepts, definitions and terms are required for clarity. Here are five terms that are useful and worth remembering: Planetary Boundaries Earth Systems Human Perturbations Planetary Scale Destabilization Holocene Epoch vs. Anthropocene Epoch  These terms all […]

Catholic Leaders – Can We All Agree On This?

Mike Magee My college roomate wrote me yesterday. We graduated from LeMoyne College, a Jesuit run institution in Syracuse, NY in 1969. Our four years together during the height of the Vietnam war were consumed with issues of social justice led by LeMoyne faculty including Daniel Berrigan, S.J..  My roomate wrote, “It breaks my heart to keep hearing about the hundreds of children being kept […]

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