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Obama’s True Legacy May Be Winning The War On Cancer

Mike Magee In 1971, President Richard Nixon declared a “War On Cancer”.(1) But 42 years later, it may be President Obama who declares victory. If so, it will be as much a result of Obama’s fundamental re-ordering of the war’s priorities, as to the simple passage of time and straight-line progress. This week, the simultaneous […]

The Affordable Care Act and American Exceptionalism

Mike Magee Six years ago, in 2007,  I wrote a piece that asked the following questions: “If you wanted to build a new health care system — a vehicle that would transport us to wellness, productivity, security and happiness — where would you begin?  Would you work off of what we have now or build something brand […]

New Year’s Resolution: Do Not Forget The Children Of Newtown, CT.

Mike Magee On December 30, 2012, President Obama stated that the day a gunman killed 20 schoolchildren in Newtown, Conn., was the “worst day of my presidency.” Clearly his visit to Newtown, CT was for him a call to action. He immediately established a task force under the direction of Vice President Biden to bring […]

Obamacare = Government Cares

Is our government the problem or the solution or both? Your answer to this question likely reveals much about your values, philosophy, politics, and position on initiatives such as Obamacare. Consider our President’s remarks at the Democratic National Convention below. Where do you stand? “As Americans, we believe we are endowed by our Creator with […]

Affordable Care Act: Remembering How We Got Here…And Where We’ll Likely Go Next If Rejected.

Kathleen Sebelius US Secretary, Health and Human Services Several weeks ago the nation tuned into a renewed vigorous debate regarding health care reform fueled by the Supreme Court’s review of challenges to the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. While the final outcome of these deliberations are yet to be revealed, what we do know […]

The Future of Health Reform – as The Supreme Court Decision Looms.

Mike Magee Anyone with even a fleeting interest in Health Care Policy had eyes and ears focused on the three days of testimony earlier this week before the Supreme Court. Up for grabs is the future of the Affordable Care Act. The arguments for and against were pretty high minded – Can you say “Liberty”? […]

Health Care Reform – A Reasonable Risk: Building On 75 Years Of Progress

Mike Magee With the Presidential Election just around the corner in the U.S., jobs and the economy are the #1 issue on most voters lists – but healthcare is right behind because healthcare is a huge job creator and has a huge impact on national and individual economies. Of course the big debate in healthcare […]

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