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Trump – The Modern Day Piper of Hamelin

Mike Magee You would need a mountain of psychiatrists to explain why Trump is the way he is, and an army of scholars to help us understand why Republican leaders, in state and federal positions, have decided to follow this piper’s call. Which brings me to a well known parable, described below by AI enabled […]

The Great Oppressor Has A Face And A Name: Wayne LaPierre.

Mike Magee We now see two faces of the minority oppressing the majority, two negative leaders whose currency is fear. One is Grover Norquist who has managed to tie the Republican leadership in fiscal knots. Enter now Wayne LaPierre, who has managed to pierce the Republican leadership’s heart and soul  – convincing them to careen […]

Missouri Medicine’s Social Contract With Humanity – What Happened?

Mike Magee MD Is it the duty of a medical association to speak out on behalf of patients and the public when confronted with bad science and bad medicine?  What is Medicine’s social contract with humanity? This was the question addressed by Gary Pettett MD, a neonatologist and then president of the Missouri State Medical […]

GOP Debate Tonight: Health Care Fireworks?

Mike Magee Tonight at 8PM EST, the GOP presidential candidates will gather at the Ronald Reagan Library for a debate.(1) A large audience is expected with Texas Governor Rick Perry’s entrance into the race impacting former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s poll numbers. In the lead up, there’s been significant chatter back and forth over who […]

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