Exploring Human Potential

What Are The Alitos Afraid Of?

Mike Magee What’s up with the Alitos these days? Justice Sam weighed in with a tip of the hat toward “godliness,” while a seemingly unhinged flag-flying Martha-Ann invited the world inside their marriage, declaring “He never controls me.” Good to know. Making it clear that her visceral reaction to a neighbor’s PRIDE flag was faith-based, […]

Justice Roberts Foresaw The Ensnarement of Health Professionals By Alito’s Radicalism.

Mike Magee We all need affirmation and encouragement. That is why I was so grateful to receive a range of positive feedback on Hcom’s recent focus on the role of health professional oaths in supporting the foundations of democracy.  One global health care leader wrote, “Thank you for your message and all the lovely pieces […]

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