Exploring Human Potential

The Planetary Playing Field For Humanity: Surviving Tomorrow’s “Hongerwinter”.

Mike Magee When it comes to our earthly survival as a human species, words are often under-powered and off-the-mark. Clearer concepts, definitions and terms are required for clarity. Here are five terms that are useful and worth remembering: Planetary Boundaries Earth Systems Human Perturbations Planetary Scale Destabilization Holocene Epoch vs. Anthropocene Epoch  These terms all […]

The Science Community Has Had Enough of Trump and Is Finding Their Voice.

Mike Magee In its 175-year history, Scientific American has never endorsed a US presidential candidate – until now. This week they endorsed Joe Biden for president. One week earlier, H. Holden Thorp, the spicy new editor of Science, penned an editorial titled “Trump Lied About Science.” Scientists have historically looked the other way and allowed […]

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