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AMA Pledged To Educate The Public And Polity* – “Humanity Is Our Patient”.

Accessed: AMA Website, August 29, 2012 AMA Introduction of Document: Declaration of Professional Responsibility In the days following the terrorist attacks on Washington and New York in September 2001, thousands of physicians from around the country telephoned and e-mailed the AMA to offer their help, demonstrating their shared professional commitment to the health and well-being […]

Missouri Medicine’s Social Contract With Humanity – What Happened?

Mike Magee MD Is it the duty of a medical association to speak out on behalf of patients and the public when confronted with bad science and bad medicine? ¬†What is Medicine’s social contract with humanity? This was the question addressed by Gary Pettett MD, a neonatologist and then president of the Missouri State Medical […]

AAFP Stands With Patients: Statement on Rep. Akin’s “Legitimate Rape”.

Congratulations to the American Academy of Family Physicians. ¬†Yesterday the association stood up for patients and provided clear guidance to their physician members stating that Rep. Akin’s views on “legitimate rape” have “no biologic truth” to back them up. The full release is available at: Thanks AAFP for your leadership on behalf of America’s […]

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