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“Justice delayed is justice denied . . . but not forever.”

Mike Magee The date was March 16, 1868. The speaker was a British statesman and former Prime Minister, William Evert Gladstone. In a dispute that day, during vigorous debate in Parliament, Gladstone, in response to supportive cheers from colleagues said , “But above all, if we be just men, we shall go forward in the […]

The Long Tail of Liability For MAGA Republicans

Mike Magee If legal scholars are right that “forseeability” and “special relationships” are the toxic mix most common in “long liability tails”, then MAGA Republicans should expect a rocky decade ahead. Trump acolytes in federal and state executive, legislative and judicial branches are massively exposed on at least two fronts. Led by Christian White Nationalists […]

Jimmy Kimmel (Practically) Says It Out Loud: “Trump is mentally ill.”

Jimmy Kimmel and Donald Trump don’t get along. A back and forth about the viability of Trump’s Truth Social site has been the stuff of legends. But Sunday night, the 96th Academy of Awards host might as well have informed his worldwide audience:  “Donald Trump is mentally ill. Say it out loud!” As the Awards […]

Is Being A Woman In America “Just Too Hard?”

Mike Magee Britt Cagle Grant, the 47-year old Federal Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit made news this week. The Stanford Law graduate, blessed by the Federalist Society and Leonard Leo, and former clerk of Hon. Brett Kavanaugh, was nominated by Donald Trump and confirmed by the Senate on July […]

Trump – The Modern Day Piper of Hamelin

Mike Magee You would need a mountain of psychiatrists to explain why Trump is the way he is, and an army of scholars to help us understand why Republican leaders, in state and federal positions, have decided to follow this piper’s call. Which brings me to a well known parable, described below by AI enabled […]

Opposing “Obamacare” Is Political Suicide For Downstream Republicans.

Mike Magee Despite Trump’s recent renewed pledge to once again take on Obamacare, most Republican leaders understand that opposing the increasingly popular program is political suicide. Experts have repeatedly advised the opposite, as we move slowly and incrementally toward “universalism in conjunction with simple source funding,” A brief summary of the past history helps refresh […]

Trump is Mentally Ill. Say It Out Loud.

Sunday Op-Ed: Mike Magee With the January 23rd New Hampshire primary in the rear view mirror, and the SC Republican primary February 24th primary fast approaching,  a tragic Donald Trump continues to dig himself into a hole that will eventually lead to some personal hell. I think we are at a point where Trump’s mental […]

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