Exploring Human Potential

“We Call Upon The Rivers That Rim The Earth . . .”

Mike Magee Most futurists will agree that the true challenge is not so much predicting what will happen, but when it will happen. For example, twenty years ago I predicted that many challenges related to integrated water resource management (population growth, urbanization, global warming, disaster preparedness, water safety and purity, ground water contamination, relative water […]

Virtue Ethics: “The US and Much Of The World Is Out Of Practice.” says…

Mike Magee While Russia and the US grapple with whether they will align in forging a diplomatic solution to Syria’s use of chemical weapons in the UN Security Council, the United Nations continues to deliberate on what should be the global Sustainable Development Goals for 2015 to 2030. The recently released UN report, “World Happiness […]

25 Facts Every Health Professional Should Know About Water

Mike Magee With WORLD WATER DAY 2012 just around the corner (March 22, 2012), how much do doctors, nurses and other health professionals know about water? Here are “25 Facts Every Health Professional Should Know About Water”: 1. Water is essential to all life. 2. Oceans, surface water and ground water are interconnected and interdependent. […]

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