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The Infinite Loop of Finger Pointing: Chemotherapy, Congress, CMS, & the CBO

Posted on | November 14, 2009 | No Comments

Eric Dishman

“Janice” is dreading her 65th birthday next month, and not for the reasons you might imagine. She is actually proud to be turning 65, especially because doctors told her ten years ago that she only had a year to live. I met her in 1999 when she was first diagnosed with a rare disorder that’s not really considered cancer but gets treated similarly with chemotherapy for the rest of her life. Little did they know that Janice would deny the manifest destiny of their numbers game, well outliving their most optimistic expectations. I have been helping her navigate a complex chemotherapy regimen for many years. But now we face a much more difficult dilemma: navigating her insurance situation as she fast approaches and financially needs Medicare. (to continue…)


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