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Can An Intense Dialogue Between Science and Religion Be Fruitful?

Mike Magee By all accounts, they were mutually supportive. He was three years older and the chief scientific adviser to the world’s most powerful religious leader. The Scientific American called him “the greatest scientist of all time,” and not because he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry a decade earlier for explaining the nuts and […]

We’re All In The Hot Seat Now.

Mike Magee It’s not that easy living in the “Big Easy” these days and co-existing with a world dominated by water concerns. When Times-Picayune gossip columnist Betty Guillaud (as the folklore goes) “coined New Orleans’ undisputed nickname” in the 1960’s, it was a lifestyle eponym meant to favorably contrast life in “The Big Easy” with […]

Super-Human Poison Ivy Is On The Move. Why?

Mike Magee Connecticut loves its’ trees. And no town in Connecticut loves its’ trees more than West Hartford, CT. The town’s borders include an elaborate interconnected reservoir system that does double duty as a focal point for a wide range of nature paths for walkers, runners and cyclists. While walking one path yesterday, I came […]

Aerobiology: The Air Is Alive – And Not In A Good Way!

Mike Magee When Paul Crutzen and his band of happy meteorologic warriors launched the Anthropocene Epoch in 2000, their guiding star was to create a “safe operating space” for humans on the planet Earth. In service of this goal, they identified nine “planetary boundaries” (measures of planetary health) as planning guideposts. Number one, familiar to […]

The Planetary Playing Field For Humanity: Surviving Tomorrow’s “Hongerwinter”.

Mike Magee When it comes to our earthly survival as a human species, words are often under-powered and off-the-mark. Clearer concepts, definitions and terms are required for clarity. Here are five terms that are useful and worth remembering: Planetary Boundaries Earth Systems Human Perturbations Planetary Scale Destabilization Holocene Epoch vs. Anthropocene Epoch  These terms all […]

Can We Make Sense Of American Health Care? And How Would We Do That?

Mike Magee This past week my wife and I were at a family event to celebrate a 70th birthday. Our extended family has more than a few doctors. One who had read CODE BLUE and had a strong interest in health policy asked if I felt I (and others) were too hard on doctors. My […]

The 1 Question Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum Should Ask Tonight.

Mike Magee This evening, the Republican Party will sponsor their first Primary Debate. It will be historic in featuring the absence of their lead contender for the 2024 Presidential campaign, a candidate who appears committed to the destruction of his own political party Events over the past year clearly have confirmed that we are a […]

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