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What Are The Alitos Afraid Of?

Mike Magee What’s up with the Alitos these days? Justice Sam weighed in with a tip of the hat toward “godliness,” while a seemingly unhinged flag-flying Martha-Ann invited the world inside their marriage, declaring “He never controls me.” Good to know. Making it clear that her visceral reaction to a neighbor’s PRIDE flag was faith-based, […]

“Mr. Trump, I was Superman. You are no Superman!”

With Christopher Reeve/ Sept.25, 2002 Mike Magee As we approach the 20th anniversary of the death of Christopher Reeve, I’m drawn back to the evening of September 25, 2002, and a private conversation in a back room off the ballroom of the Marriott Marquis Hotel. As we awaited the ceremonial beginnings of the Christopher Reeve […]

“Justice delayed is justice denied . . . but not forever.”

Mike Magee The date was March 16, 1868. The speaker was a British statesman and former Prime Minister, William Evert Gladstone. In a dispute that day, during vigorous debate in Parliament, Gladstone, in response to supportive cheers from colleagues said , “But above all, if we be just men, we shall go forward in the […]

AI Can Talk, But Can It Think?

Mike Magee OpenAI says its new GPT-4o is “a step towards much more natural human-computer interaction,” and is capable of responding to your inquiry “with an average 320 millisecond (delay) which is similar to a human response time.” So it can speak human, but can it think human? The “concept of cognition”  has been a scholarly football […]

May 17, 2024 Address at Presidents College/U. of Hartford: “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and The Future of American Medicine.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of American Medicine Link here:

GPT-4o: “From babble to concordance to inclusivity…”

Mike Magee If you follow my weekly commentary on or THCB, you may have noticed over the past 6 months that I appear to be obsessed with mAI, or Artificial Intelligence intrusion into the health sector space. So today, let me share a secret. My deep dive has been part of a long preparation […]

Justice Amy Coney Barrett Has a Mortal Sin On Her Conscience.

Mike Magee Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Catholic and conservative, likely found this week’s Health Affairs article on violence toward women in Red states where abortion was banned uncomfortable reading. Its authors state that the “rapidly increasing passage of state legislation has restricted or banned access to abortion care” and has triggered an increase in “intimate […]

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