Exploring Human Potential

Caring Culture: Introduction

August 18, 2020

A civil society and stable democracy must be securely grounded in a culture of caring. To heal, provide health, keep families and communities whole – these are holy things.

In 77 days, we face a critical election. Two years before the Covid-19 pandemic, Ralph Snyderman MD, Past-President of the AAMC and Chancellor Emeritus of Duke Medical Center took the unusual step to visit the 14th Dalai Lama in India in search of human compassion and a culture of caring.

He later reflected that “Compassion is a deep inborn emotion and the source of true happiness, …a feeling of interconnectedness with others, which naturally leads to engagement.”

Staying connected, optimistic, and compassionate is now the challenge of our day. The economic and health disaster we face together requires moral fortitude. So in the spirit of Ralph and the Dalai Lama, I offer “Seven & Seven” – 77 consecutive days of 7-minute reflections to support physical, mental and spiritual growth.


Seven is the mythical number for a “7th Heaven” – the highest point where our better angels reside. In the countdown to November 3rd, (beginning August 18th with 77 days left until November 3rd), open each day’s message to read and reflect as you prepare yourself for the most important election in our lifetime.



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