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Health Politics Archive (collection)

Health Politics was one of the nation’s first health video blogs produced in the US. It’s Executive Producer, Mike Magee MD, managed the online publication of 188 referenced publications between 2004 and 2008. The archive in print form is available below. Video programs also available at:


Taking Control of Portion Sizes 6/20/2007
When will restaurants get on board ?

Transforming the Health Care System 6/13/2007
Does the story of Mexican Coca-Cola hold any insight?

Bright Ideas About Health Care 6/6/2007
Lessons learned from the light bulb

What Health Care Can Learn from Boeing 5/30/2007
More than you might think

Long-Term Care Insurance 5/23/2007
Why it makes sense

Is Coffee Good for You? 5/9/2007
A closer look at one of our favorite beverages

Corn-Fed America 4/27/2007
Does this grain have an unhealthy hold on our diets?

Understanding Miscarriage 4/18/2007
How to cope and how to comfort

Little Things That Can Save Your Life 4/4/2007
Protect yourself and your family from preventable injuries

Why Kids Need Their Shots 3/21/2007
Debunking the myths about childhood vaccinations

Taking Action on Obesity 3/14/2007
Using public policy for change and prevention

Dealing with Cholera 3/7/2007
We know how to prevent it, so why does it still exist?

Need a Quick Boost? 2/21/2007
Need a Quick Boost? Why Energy Drinks are Bad News

A Connection Between Stem Cells and Cancer? 2/14/2007
Bringing us one step closer to a cure

How Safe is Your Food? 2/7/2007
Recent outbreaks of E. coli expose food safety problems

Benefits of a Smoke-Free Workplace 1/31/2007
Are you breathing easy?

Down the Drain, and Then What? 1/24/2007
Do you know where your water goes?

Is It Good Fat or Bad Fat? 1/17/
Learn how to read food labels for healthier shopping

How Trans Fats Became Our Enemy 1/10/2007
What are they and what do they do?

How Much Salt is Too Much? 12/13/
You’re probably eating more than you realize

Rethinking Health in the Workplace 12/6/
Healthy employees make productive

Global Warming: Is a Plan Emerging? 11/29/
Three converging sectors tell the story

Health Records of the 11/22/2006
Why “lifespan planning” may be the best approach

Searching for the Fountain of Youth? 11/1/2006
Keep searching – human growth hormone isn’t the answer

Accidental Health Care 10/25/
How we got stuck with an employer-based system

Overweight Kids in America 10/18/2006
Understanding the role of food labeling and advertising

No Smoke, No Problem? 10/11/2006
No way – smokeless tobacco is addictive and dangerous

The Fight Against Malaria 9/27/2006
Why we’re still losing

Converting Coal to Oil 9/20/
Will it ease our energy dependency?

The Silent Disability: Incontinence 9/13/2006
It’s more common than you might think

New Twist in Stem Cell Debate 9/6/
Scientists say embryos can be saved

Fluoride: Going Beyond Good 8/30/2006
Are you and your family getting eno ugh or too much?

Will I Be More Disabled Than My Parents?8/23/2006
Why the outlook appears grim

Hooked on Tanning?
Big business, but bad for your health

Ethanol and the Battle Over Corn 8/9/
What’s the controversy all about?

Building Tomorrow’s Health Care 8/2/
Meet the unlikely players developing our new system

A Bird’s-Eye View of Bird 7/26/2006
What we really know about transmission

Untangling the Web of Alzheimer’s Disease 7/19/2006
How close are we to a cure?

Who are America’s Uninsured? 7/12/2006
The demographics might surprise you

Global Warming: From “If” to “When” 6/28/2006
Is the United States taking action?

The New HPV Vaccine 6/21/2006
Conquering a sexually transmitted virus could help prevent cervical cancer

Going Under 6/7/2006
Whats happening to Canadas online pharmacies?

The Road to Universal Health Coverage 6/1/2006
Is Massachusetts leading the way?

Alcohol’s New Target 5/17/2006
Marketers take aim at affluent, independent females

Tobacco Stealth Marketing 5/10/2006
Targeting kids and women with flavored cigarettes

The Insecurity of Employer-Based Health Care 5/3/2006
How vulnerable is our system?

The True Cost of War 4/19/2006
Loss of life can’t be measured in dollars and cents

Don’t Let Appendicitis Get You Down 4/11/2006
Quick action can make a world of difference

When Caregivers Need Care 4/5/2006
They can be vulnerable, too

HSAs For Health or Wealth? 3/28/2006
The story behind the story of health savings accounts

Threatened by Medical Bankruptcy? Part 2 3/21/2006
Getting care and going broke

Threatened by Medical Bankruptcy? Part 1 3/14/2006
Many employers are struggling with health care costs

Ground Water Protection 3/1/2006
What’s going on in Your community?

Insurers And Medicare Part D 2/22/2006
Why they’re on board

The Truth About Condoms 2/15/2006
How they can save your life

HIV Prevention and Control 2/8/2006
Time for a jump-start

Consumer-Directed Health Insurance 1/31/2006
Will it Really Work?

What Ever Happened to Managed Care? 1/25/2006
How it helped get us to where we are now

Bottled Water 1/18/2006
Think twice before you buy

Our Human Health Resources 1/11/2006
Planning weaknesses have caused a worker shortage

Women’s Health and Plan B 1/4/2006
Standing up for science

What Can We Learn from Ebola? 12/20/2005
A slow-spreading microbe with measured threat

The Challenge of Prostate Cancer 12/7/2005
A common disease with unanswered questions

Connecting Patients to Care Teams 11/30/2005
Getting serious about advanced communications

In the Wake of Katrina 11/23/2005
American medicine rediscovers its voice

The Truth About Mercury: Part 2 11/16/2005
The Tuna Wars

The Truth About Mercury: Part 1 11/9/2005
Where did it all come from?

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage: Part 2 11/2/2005
What challenges lie ahead?

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage: Part 1 10/26/2005
What’s it all about?

Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine and the Heart 10/19/2005
When need is one step ahead of science

Speaking Up About Postpartum Depression 10/12/2005
A serious condition that’s finally getting more attention

Fear and Mental Illness: Shadow of 9/11 Looms 9/28/2005
Why isn’t fear management a national priority?

Plastic Surgery in Adolescents 9/21/2005
Changing more than their appearance?

Accountability and the Recent Water Disasters 9/14/2005
Why weren’t we prepared?

Testing Newborns For Hearing 9/7/2005
The importance of screening, diagnosis and intervention

Male Depression and the Workplace 8/31/2005
What’s the connection?

The Threat of Bird Flu 8/24/2005
Is a pandemic on the horizon?

Who Will Own Tomorrow’s CME? 8/17/2005
New growth could be global, virtual and explosive

Why Tuberculosis Survives in the U.S. 8/10/2005
What can we do to beat it?

Are We Giving In To Big Tobacco? 7/13/2005
How the justice department changed its mind

Home-Centered Health: Part 3 7/6/2005
Women as home health managers

The Story of Lead Poisoning 6/29/2005
Exposing health care system weaknesses

Does Health Have to Be Political? 6/22/2005
A question worth answering

Learning from the Tsunami 6/15/2005
Let’s strengthen the weaknesses revealed

Organizing the Dying Process 6/8/2005
The four management stages

Will Academic Medical Centers Survive? 6/1/2005
They’re reconsidering their value proposition

Challenging the Pain of Childbirth 5/25/2005
Study finds no problem with early epidurals

Guns and Teen Suicide 5/18/2005
How gun availability hurts our teens

HIV Testing: Too Little, Too Late? 5/11/2005
Exploring the dangers of undiagnosed HIV

Home-Centered Health: Part 2 5/4/2005 x
Turning visions into reality

Home-Centered Health: Part 1 4/27/2005 x
What will it take to create the ideal healthy home?

The Red Cross: Then and Now 4/20/2005
Understanding its complex history, principles and structure

The Growth of Diabetes 4/13/2005
Addressing the issue head on

Addressing Unhealthy Alcohol Use 4/6/2005
Do you know how much is too much?

Colorectal Cancer Prevention 3/30/2005
What are you waiting for?

Evidence-Based Medicine 3/23/2005
What it means for patients and physicians

The Battle with Infectious Diseases 3/16/2005
Staying one step ahead of microbes

Elder Abuse 3/9/2005
What is it and how can it be prevented?

Eating Disorders and College Women 3/2/2005
More prevalent than you might think

Examining Blood Safety 2/23/2005
Will it ever be risk free?

Ozone’s Effects on Health 2/16/2005
A story of good and bad

Aging and Obesity 2/9/2005
Megatrends on a collision course

Improvements in Military Medicine 2/2/2005
Will we need a medical military draft?

Healthy Waters: A Public Trust 1/19/2005
What’s happening to our water supply?

Planning a Dignified Death 1/12/2005
End-of-life decisions are complex, but critical

The Laws that Protect Managed Care 1/5/2005
Making sense of ERISA

Fighting Infectious Diseases Worldwide 12/15/2004
International cooperation has proved critical

The Connection Between Class, Race and Health 12/8/2004 x
Do status and race determine health?

AIDS: Still Growing, 24 Years Later 12/1/2004
Can we take what we’ve learned and act on it?

Discussing Death with Dying Children? 11/24/2004
What should parents say?

Long-Distance Caregiving 11/17/2004
An increasing reality in the workplace

The Real Story Behind Obesity 11/10/2004 x
We must change our strategy to address the problem

Improving Patient Adherence 11/3/2004
A consumer empowerment challenge

The Importance of Stem Cell Policy 10/27/2004
How we can honor Christopher Reeve

Osteoporosis 10/20/2004
A ticking time bomb

The Trouble with Bullying 10/13/2004
Using early reinforcement of non-violent behavior

Syphilis: On the Rebound 10/6/2004
An ancient disease, not showing signs of retreat

Stem Cell Research in the U.K. 9/29/2004
Funding helped the U.K. build the world’s first stem cell bank

Palliative Care 9/22/2004
Can our medical system handle this philosophy?

All Aboard the Health Information Highway 9/15/2004
It’s time for a national health information infrastructure

Integrity of the Medical Profession 9/8/2004
It’s a doctor’s obligation to stop or report torture

Mental Illness and the War in Iraq 9/1/2004
The prevalence of PTSD among American soldiers

Operating on the Elderly 8/25/2004
Plan ahead and understand the risks

Tiered Cost Sharing and Hospital Use 8/18/2004
Will “value networks” help control health care spending?

Toronto’s SARS Outbreak 7/28/2004
Identifying control strategies that worked

Driving Fatalities Among Seniors 7/21/2004
Guideposts will help increase roadway safety

Chronic Diseases in Developing Countries 7/14/2004
Economic growth doesn’t have to bring health problems

Road Safety: A Public Health Issue 7/7/2004
Identifying the problems makes the solutions increasingly clear

Health Insurance Reform 6/30/2004 x
Where are we now?

Rethinking Physician Supply 6/23/2004
Moving beyond the MD, DO, IMG dance

Irradiation of Food and Food Safety 6/16/2004 x
It’s time to reconsider the benefits

Fear Management: Post-9/11 6/9/2004 x
What we can learn from NYC’s lingering anxiety

Women and Lung Cancer 6/2/2004 x
It’s time to take action

Organ Transplantation 5/26/2004 x
A supply/demand crisis ways to move beyond the problem

The Cost of Obesity in America 5/19/2004 x
America’s weight problem comes with a high price tag

The Tobacco Settlement of 1998 5/12/2004 x
A historic moment or a failed promise?

Tobacco’s Deadly Global Grip 5/4/2004 x
With tobacco consumption, death and disability explode

From Medical Malpractice to Safety 4/28/2004 x
You can’t get there from here

The Power of Information Technology 4/21/2004 x
Bridging the global gap

Vulnerable Elders in America 4/14/2004 x
How good is the care?

Health Care Costs 4/7/2004 x
What are we getting for our money?

Where Is the Best Place to Die? 3/31/2004 x
Many factors contribute to a “good death”

Importing Drugs from Canada and Beyond 3/24/2004 x
Unwise and unsafe: here’s why

Depression and Suicide 3/17/2004 x
The tragic costs of a common illness

The Economics of Living Longer 3/11/2004
How longevity and healthy aging affect health care costs

The Politics of Pain 3/3/2004 x
The evolution of pain treatment

Lessons Learned from SARS 2/25/2004 x
Preparing for disease outbreaks

The Politics of Vaccines 2/18/2004 x
The importance of a reliable supply

Medical Knowledge: Lost in Translation 2/11/2004 x
Use of modern research and how it’s applied

Does Science Make A Difference? 2/4/2004 x
How does science impact society?

Cardiovascular Disease: Still No. 1 1/28/2004 x
Many americans don’t realize how at risk they are

Caring for an Alzheimer’s Patient 1/21/2004 x
The hidden costs

Pricing of Pharmaceuticals 1/7/2004
Establishing viable, market-driven pricing x

The Patient-Physician Relationship: Part 2 12/31/2003 x
Unlocking the value

The Patient-Physician Relationship: Part 1 12/24/2003 x
Its role in society

Violence – Part 3: Prevention 12/17/2003 x
Methods and approaches to combat violence

The Privacy of Patient Data 12/17/2003 x
Measuring the benefits and risks

Violence – Part 2: Risk Factors 12/10/2003 x
Rethinking violence from a public health perspective

Violence – Part 1: A Public Health Issue 12/3/2003 x
Defining violence and taking action to prevent it

Patient Privacy and Clinical Research 11/19/2003 x
How they go together

Understanding HIPAA 11/5/2003 x
Concerns about patient privacy and confidentiality

The Safety Net and Care for the Uninsured 10/29/2003
Exploring the costs

Exercise and Childhood Obesity 10/22/2003
Taking an active role

Patient Involvement in Research Studies 10/15/2003
A critical ingredient for successful clinical research

Clinical Research at a Critical Juncture 10/8/2003 x
Our increasing reliance on EBM

Financing Home Health Care 10/1/2003 x
Economic challenges of home-centered care

Leading with Science 10/1/2003 x
The role of the scientific process in modern medicine

Consumer Risk Management 9/24/2003 x
The burden of benefit-risk decisions on patients

Women’s Health – Part 3: Overcoming Obstacles 9/17/2003 x
What’s in the way?

Women’s Health – Part 2: Diseases and Risk Factors 9/10/2003 x
Knowledge alone does not equal power

Women’s Health – Part 1: A Lifespan Issue 9/3/2003 x
How gender affects health and well-being

Health Preparedness and the Blackout of 2003 8/27/2003
Communications and health care in times of crisis

Aging: Part 3 8/20/2003 x
New environments for mature living

Aging: Part 2 8/13/2003 x
Preventing illness, maintaining health

Aging: Part 1 8/6/2003 x
The scope of the challenge

Cross-Sector Partnerships in Health Care 7/30/2003 x
Working together could bring about change

Research Drugs or Generic Drugs 7/23/2003 x
New and old discoveries depend on each other

Patents 7/16/2003 x
Protecting intellectual Property

The Global Burden of Disease: Part 4 7/9/2003 x
From research to action

The Global Burden of Disease: Part 3 7/2/2003 x
The major risk factors

The Global Burden of Disease: Part 2 6/25/2003 x
A product of many factors

The Global Burden of Disease: Part 1 6/18/2003 x
Defining the problem

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