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Off-Label Prescribing – Where Lupron is the Rule, Not the Exception – and Doctors Never Have To Say They’re Sorry.

Credit: U. Michigan Health Lab Mike Magee After a remarkably turbulent decade in the shadows of America’s Medical Industrial Complex – a span that has witnessed the creation of a manmade opioid epidemic, the treatment of thousands of 2 and 3 year old’s with Adderall, the placement of EpiPen’s out of the financial reach of […]

An FDA Golden Voucher That’s Too Good To Be True.

Mike Magee Thirty-six years ago, as Ronald Reagan assumed the presidency, Congress cried “uncle”, in the face of America’s perceived global non-competitiveness in pharmaceuticals. They had been convinced by the persistent voices of Louis Lasagna and University of Chicago economist Sam Perltzman that there was a “drug lag” in America, and that it was the […]

Note to FDA: Get On-Label Use Right, Before Liberalizing Off-Label Use.

Mike Magee “At my own medical center we have banned pharmaceutical reps from coming because we don’t think they are a good source of information. You don’t ask the barber if you need a haircut.” Dr. Rita Redberg, editor, JAMA Internal Medicine. What Dr. Redberg is protesting is the possibility of liberalizing the prohibition on […]

FDA Goes Graphic With Cigarette Pack Warnings

New Ads on packs of cigarettes released by FDA today. View HERE.

Is High Fructose Corn Syrup The Next Trans Fat?

Mike Magee In the world of Mad Men consumer advertising, first you name it, then you sell it.(1) OK, it’s a little more complicated than that. In naming a consumer product, you consider what that product might mean to the consumer and study what types of terms resonate. And when the product is launched, and […]

Childhood Obesity, the FTC and the FDA

Mike Magee Big problems require thoughtful, integrated solutions. Case in point – childhood obesity. As I describe below in this archival report, you can’t fully address childhood obesity without passing through the doors of the FTC and the FDA.  (Continue….)

Survey on Drug Safety from Research America!

WASHINGTON—Research America! Press Release, May 20, 2010— Nearly three-quarters of Americans are confident in our system for reviewing the effectiveness and safety of new medicines and medical devices, yet 41% say it takes too long to approve a drug and allow it to be sold to consumers. These are among the findings in a new poll […]

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