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Sun Facts: The Age of “Sunfusion”

Mike Magee We’re about to enter the sunny season, and for many it’s “sunfusion” – sunlight confusion. Is sun exposure good or bad? Let’s start here: Sun Beds (tanning salons) – bad.(1) But what about everyday natural sun? On the positive side: boosts Vitamin D (may protect against diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and other diseases), elevates […]

FDA Taking a Stand on “Natural” Label Claims?

New ruling on high fructose corn syrup is a first step — and industry has responded This week, the FDA decided to (sort of) take a stand on the use of the word “natural” in processed foods. First, some background. Many food products are labeled with the claim “natural,” but it has been problematic. There […]

China, Food and Fireworks

Every day, the world (at least as defined by health) gets smaller, doesn’t it? Take the straight trade line between China and the U.S. Let’s look at just two exports. The first accounts for a startling 75% of all sales in its category worldwide, with peak usage timed to celebrations around the world. What is […]

Redux Redoes Cocaine

Thank you, FDA! After going to the Redux Beverages Web site and viewing its marketing for the high-caffeine “energy drink” Cocaine, the FDA spoke up. Self-defined as “Speed in a Can” and “Liquid Cocaine,” this beverage had already been bulled off shelves in various chains in several states and is now being pulled from all […]

Kudos to Ed Hill, John Seffrin and Sharon Eubanks

The significant ongoing threat of tobacco (and those who profit from it) continues to define courageous leaders from varying sectors of society and reinforce that Americans can no longer accept what is clearly unacceptable. In the past two months, three of these courageous leaders have come to the forefront: 1. Ed Hill. Past president of […]

Tips for Avoiding Food-Related Illness

After the recent outbreaks of food-related illness all over the country, I decided to do a little research and find out more about how, exactly, our food can become contaminated with bacteria such as E. coli and why this continues to happen. I assumed that if I was curious and concerned, a lot of other […]

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