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Redux Redoes Cocaine

Posted on | May 10, 2007 | Comments Off on Redux Redoes Cocaine

Thank you, FDA! After going to the Redux Beverages Web site and viewing its marketing for the high-caffeine “energy drink” Cocaine, the FDA spoke up.

Self-defined as “Speed in a Can” and “Liquid Cocaine,” this beverage had already been bulled off shelves in various chains in several states and is now being pulled from all shelves in all states. Redux partner Clegg Ivey’s solution to outrage over the product? “Change the name.”

But the problem goes way beyond that to the whole class of “energy drinks” from Red Bull to this absurd concoction. If you’re reading this, and you drink the stuff or have a kid who does, make sure you click on this link or send it to your kids (

Energy drinks have no place in healthy homes or healthy communities! Anyone out there challenging this one on a community wide/school level?


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