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25 Facts Every Health Professional Should Know About Water

Mike Magee With WORLD WATER DAY 2012 just around the corner (March 22, 2012), how much do doctors, nurses and other health professionals know about water? Here are “25 Facts Every Health Professional Should Know About Water”: 1. Water is essential to all life. 2. Oceans, surface water and ground water are interconnected and interdependent. […]

“Virtual Water”: Water For Food

Mike Magee Most US health professionals understand by now that the average American diet is seriously out of wack. Both in quantity and quality we’re way off the mark. And the direct results are soaring levels of childhood obesity in the young and an ever expanding burden of chronic disease in adults. And US based […]

The World Water Organization and its “Water For Haiti” Benefit

Open Here: Learn more about The World Water Organization and the Water For Haiti concert in NYC this Saturday, March 13, 2010.

Water Pricing and Control

Who Should be in Charge? Who owns more water then any other individual in the US today? That would be T. Boone Pickens, the oil billionaire who describes water as "the new oil" or "blue gold." He sees water as the ultimate commodity, to be bought and sold.1,2 Water is already a $500 billion dollar […]

Medical Societies Embrace Water As Their Issue

On April 28th, I will be visiting the Massachusetts Medical Society and its Committee on Global Medicine & Environmental and Occupational Health. They are sponsoring the opening of my "Drops of Life" tour.1 Over the next two years, I will be visiting health organizations and universities with a dynamic, big screen, one-hour journey through the […]

Gray and Green Water

Don Elder speaks During the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Clean Water Act in 2002, 30 "national water heroes” were singled out for recognition. Don Elder was one of them. Today Don serves as president of the River Network, a national organization that supports the efforts of state and local river conservation organizations. […]

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