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Desalination Comes to America’s Shores

Our oceans could be a water source. But is the cost too steep? Those familiar with my "Health Politics" programs know that I’ve spent a lot of time over the last several years writing and speaking about water issues. I’ve written a book, "Healthy Waters," on the topic, and have recently been on the road […]

Bottled Water Revisited:

If you don’t buy it, how best to contain it?According to Beverage Marketing Corporation, Americans drink, on average, 192 gallons of liquid a year. Of that total, water represents about 11 percent of our consumption, about the same amount as milk, and about the same amount as coffee and tea combined. The lead category of […]

Breaking Through on Water

Your water footprint By Mike Magee We’ve finally broken through on Global Warming. Most denial has fallen away; Al Gore has a Nobel Prize; The Today show and NBC Nightly News have green peacocks and have “covered the Earth”; and everyday people like you and me are wondering what our “personal carbon footprints” are. If […]

Childhood Mortality

Common misperceptionsIf I were to ask you what the top killer of young children around the world is, what would you say? Many of you might say HIV-AIDS. And you wouldn’t be alone. A recent survey of 1,025 American adults found that 42 percent believed HIV-AIDS to be the top killer. The truth? It was responsible […]

“Enhanced Water” in the Schoolhouse

Who’s in Charge of the Vending Machines? Not too long ago, I wrote two Health Politics programs, one on Americans love affair with bottled water (over 10 billion dollars in sales per year) and the second on the marketing and growing sales of “Energy Drinks” in the US. If you look at where these beverages […]

Raise a Glass (of Water) to World Water Day

Today is World Water Day. To recognize this event, diners in 225 restaurants around New York City have the opportunity to donate $1 for their usually free water to support UNICEF’s Tap Project. This project, which has received promotional help from Sarah Jessica Parker, is aimed at bringing safe, clean water to children in the […]

Why Water Needs an Al Gore of Its Own

If you ask any United Nations official “What is our scarcest global resource?” he or she will reply without hesitation, “Water.” But surprisingly, there’s little global coordination to address the problem, even as it has rapidly accelerated. Water is charting the same course as did Global Warming. In the latter case, the facts, and some […]

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