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What Friedman and Sandel and Desmond (and Maine) Know About Our Nation’s Health.

Niger and Waco Mike Magee We wake this morning to news that Maine voters have overrode their own governor and expanded ACA Medicaid, and Virginia voters have rejected a Trumpian appeal. As we begin to turn the corner, we need to be certain we don’t simply return to neutral but instead understand and execute progress. […]

Planning for Evil vs. Planning for Goodness: Why Medicine Should Embrace the Social Sciences.

Mike Magee An article by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen in last week’s New York Times Sunday Review, “How Auschwitz Is Misunderstood”, created a dramatic contrast to an address I delivered a few days earlier at a New York liberal arts college titled “Closing The Empathy Gap: Leveraging Healthcare Relationships”. Goldhagan’s major point was that the widely […]

Your Annualized Personalized Health Check-up

Ralph Snyderman M.D. In a January 10, 2015 editorial in the NewYork Times, Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel derides the annual physical exam as a multi-billion dollar waste of time.  The exam in current practice is indeed ineffective in preventing disease and reflects the inadequacy of a reactive approach to health care which costs almost $3 trillion/year of […]

Deconstructing Great Science and Technology Videos: 3 NYT Offerings.

Mike Magee This morning I was sipping my coffee as I reviewed the latest news in the New York Times on my iPad. And, of course, the Top News was depressing – ISIS, Ray Rice, Ebola and so on. So I found my way to the video section and looked around a bit. I ended […]

Poetry in Motion – Joy, Daring and Creativity – an Exercise In What’s Possible.

Mike Magee In the wake of last week’s tragic events, my nephew Jon Sands writes: For three years, I’ve been entrenched in a public art project (along with Samantha Thornhill, Elana Bell, Syreeta McFadden, Adam Falkner, and countless other NYC poets) geared toward shifting how we consider art in public spaces. Poets in Unexpected Places was […]

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