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Justice Amy Coney Barrett Has a Mortal Sin On Her Conscience.

Mike Magee Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Catholic and conservative, likely found this week’s Health Affairs article on violence toward women in Red states where abortion was banned uncomfortable reading. Its authors state that the “rapidly increasing passage of state legislation has restricted or banned access to abortion care” and has triggered an increase in “intimate […]

“Wright” and Wrong According to Justice Alito.

Mike Magee Justice Samuel Alito surfaced this past week once again around issues of judicial independence and his network of friends. Late last week, Rev. Rob Schenck, who for years led a shadowy anti-abortion movement in Washington, DC, “Faith and Action,” had a serious change of heart. He reported that the leakage of this year’s […]

Mike Magee’s Advice To The AMA On Reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Mike Magee Stable, civic societies are built upon human trust and confidence. If you were forced to rebuild a society, leveled by warfare and devastation, where would you begin? This is the question the U.S. Army faced at the close of WW II, specifically when it came to rebuilding Germany and Japan, hopefully into stable […]

King v. Burwell – Thursday, 10 AM. Friday’s Question For Presidential Candidates: “What’s Your Plan Now?”

Mike Magee According to the official blog of the Supreme Court of the United States, this Thursday at 10 AM, we can expect some decisions coming down in the much publicized case, King v. Burwell. But while many Americans have vaguely heard of the case, few understand exactly what the case is about, and what […]

Sex, Coverage and Gender Bias: Being “Hobby-Lobbied”!

David and Barbara Green/Hobby Lobby Mike Magee In its 5-4 decision in favor of Evangelical Christian purveyor of all things crafty, Hobby Lobby, the conservative male contingency of the Supreme Court managed to both engage and enrage all sides in the culture wars of a half century past. With the decision, “closely held” (whatever that […]

The Future of Health Reform – as The Supreme Court Decision Looms.

Mike Magee Anyone with even a fleeting interest in Health Care Policy had eyes and ears focused on the three days of testimony earlier this week before the Supreme Court. Up for grabs is the future of the Affordable Care Act. The arguments for and against were pretty high minded – Can you say “Liberty”? […]

Springtime In Vermont: Health Policy Is Blooming!

Mike Magee It’s springtime in Vermont. And when it comes to health policy, we haven’t seen this much action since Howard Dean MD was governor.Let’s begin with Governor Pete Shumlin’s signing of a bill today to establish a single-payer plan for the state’s 620,000 residents.(1) Physician leader Deb Richter believes that a little over half […]

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