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USDA Pointing Fingers at the Humane Society?

Posted on | February 21, 2008 | Comments Off on USDA Pointing Fingers at the Humane Society?

Do you think the humane society did the right thing by keeping their investigation secret?

On a media conference call today about the 143 million pounds of recalled beef the USDA said they were disappointed with how the Humane Society handled the exposure of The Westland Meat Company’s handling of sick cattle. The USDA said that most other agencies will give the USDA advance notice when they hear of a problem at a facility. But the Humane Society knew for months there were problems at Westland and didn’t tell them.

Question: Do you blame the Humane Society for keeping mum? Or do you think that by staying silent to get a video was a better strategy to maximize outrage, which could turn into action to support their cause?

The USDA said that the video is hurting their investigation. They didn’t elaborate on that before ending the call. So, unfortunately I am not sure what they meant by that.

I think that the video hurts their reputation more so than the investigation. Just my two cents.


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